Marcie’s Minute: MindMup

Prewriting strategies are extremely important for all ages and levels of writers. While many still prefer the old-fashioned paper-pencil graphic organizers, others are shifting toward a digital substitution that gives students easy access to the planning stages of their writing. If you are looking to make the leap from paper prepwriting to digital mind-mapping, MindMup is worth checking out.

MindMup as an easy-to-use, online mind-mapping tool that students can use to organize their thinking prior to a writing task. Students can sign in using their Google account and save right to their Google Drive, making this a very simple way to get student prewriting on their Chromebooks. One of our Spanish teachers found that this tool was simple enough to introduce to her class in one class period and get them mindmupping immediately. Thanks, Sra. Grum, for sharing MindMup with us!

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