Marcie’s Minute: Lensoo Create

In District 109, all of our 3rd-8th grader students use Chromebooks as their 1:1 learning device. While this gives students incredible access to countless web applications, there are times when teachers are looking for alternatives ways for students to express their ideas, especially when students are in math class.

Recently, one of our instructional coaches, Maria Galanis, discovered an Android app called Lensoo Create that she began downloading onto some Nexus 7 tablets at her school.  Because demonstration of math concepts and knowledge can be challenging on a Chromebook alone, middle school math teachers were thrilled to learn of this free, easy-to-use, whiteboard app to use with their students. Take a few moments to watch Maria Galanis and the Shepard students share their love for Lensoo and think about how this might be useful in a classroom near you!

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