2:1 Pilot in District 109

In District 109, we believe that the destination is merely the horizon. We gaze out ahead, enjoying the journey, while always thinking about what experiences are coming our way. Just when something new appears to be off in the distance, it never takes long before it lingers in the rearview mirror.  This is especially true with technology.

In 2012, District 109 began investigating which device would be best for our students in 1:1 Learning Environments. The Chromebook was an early favorite among many students and teachers because it supported Google Apps for Education and gave students the ability to connect to the internet in just seven short seconds.  At the same time that several carts of Chromebooks were purchased for test drives around the district, a few carts of Nexus 7 tablets were also purchased, giving teachers even more options of technology tools for the classrooms.

This year, with all of students having their own 1:1 device, those Nexus 7 tablets were no longer getting checked out by teachers as they had the year prior. Instead of letting those devices sit, we began to ponder.

What would our classrooms look like if we gave students Nexus 7 tablets to use with their Chromebooks?

This question led us to the next pilot in District 109. I am excited to announce that we have selected twelve classrooms throughout our elementary buildings that are going to be experiencing 2:1 Learning Environments using Chromebooks and Nexus 7 tablets. Each elementary school will have a third, fourth and fifth grade classroom piloting this added device to see how tablet technology can enhance the innovative teaching and learning that is already taking place with the Chromebooks.

While our teachers and students enjoy our world of 1:1, new technologies on the horizon beckon us to think about what might be coming next. We will be using our 2:1 Pilot to think about possibilities for the future in District 109.  I look forward to highlighting the incredible work of our twelve pilot teachers and sharing our story throughout the school year!

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