headshotThanks for visiting my blog! My name is Marcie Faust and I am the Director for Innovative Learning for Deerfield Public Schools District 109. I work within the Department of Teaching and Learning with a deep focus on bringing innovation into all of our classrooms. I spend a great deal of time working with our amazing teachers, inspirational coaches, visionary administrators and committed staff members to explore the most effective pedagogies, technologies and learning environments to help prepare our students for their future.

On this blog, I share a myriad of topics for both the DPS109 staff members and the parent community. Because my position is so multi-faceted, so too is my blog! You will be able to find information about tech tools under the heading “Marcie’s Minute.” In the section “On the Road with District 109,” I share the experiences I’ve collected from various school and district visits to report on the best practices and trends learned while away from Deerfield. Our “Digital Citizenship” section will help educators and families support students who are growing up in a connected, digital world. Finally, the section called “Journey” gives our readers some history of how we have gone about bringing innovation into the classrooms in District 109.

If you would like to share suggestions, ideas or feedback, please visit Let’s Talk. An open dialogue is a priority in District 109, so please do not hesitate to share your thinking with us!

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